Palette Knife Painting

Had some fun the other night painting with a palette knife. First time I attempted a “serious” painting with a knife. I usually just use them to mix colors and scratch into doodles into wet paint and mediums…

This was a fun painting. Combining some of my creative ideas and designs with some tutorials from Hart Party that I’ve been watching, I came up with this beauty. Just sitting in my Studio, my boys and husband at football practice — both boys are on teams — and nobody in the house but me, my paint, my cats, and my dog. BLISS!!! I didn’t know how it would turn out. I had never painted with a palette knife before. I had never done a “cityscape” with the buildings reflecting in the water. Hell — I had never done a “horizon” scene where water meets sky and make it look half-way realistic! But the ease of painting something I wanted to paint “just because” and not because I wanted to sell it, or it was commissioned, or I was making something in one of my ARTiculated Journals that I sell made this painting be most healing, calming, and stress-relieving… #ArtHeals!

What’s on your palette or page today? Share with me your pictures of what you’re working on! You can share here in the Comments below or in the Art Journal Love Studio Facebook Group.


P.S.: Please excuse the messy jewelry box and not cropping the picture properly. It wasn’t propped up correctly and if I crop it I can’t get all of the painting in the cropped picture. I will post a properly lit and cropped photo in our FB group.

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