Inspired Art

I have been wanting to get some art done lately, but I’ve been blocked. Dying to create but could not figure out what to create. So, I hopped on YouTube and searched for mixed media videos to get some inspiration. While there, I stumbled upon The Art Sherpa — an amazingly talented artist who is sharing her talents with the public via her YT channel.

Cinnamon is demonstrating painting, but she is painting on canvas boards and canvases. Not that I’m not interested in painting on canvas — I’m just not interested in finding a location to store all those canvases once I’ve painted them! There’s only so much space in the Soulful Emergence Art Gallery and way less space in my home! So, I’ve decided to paint Cinnamon’s paintings in my journal. I’m sure painting on/in any substrate will get my creative juices flowing again. I am also sure that I will be painting some of these on canvas/canvas boards myself!

I’ve since done two of The Art Sherpa’s painting tutorials. I posted the first one in the blog’s Portfolio: My Journal Pages. The second one I’ll post here and also in the Portfolio:

Rose Evening Dress

This was also a super fun painting. My girl is a little “masculine” along the chin-line and upper body LOL but I loved the process and know that if I paint her again I can only get her down better. For now, she’ll suffice. She’s in my journal and not on a canvas I intend to hang.

And that’s just it — you have to figure out when you’re OK with a painting. Advice that other teachers have given me, but which The Art Sherpa continues to echo. I could stress over the “blocky” features that give her a manly look, or I could look beyond them and say all-in-all I did a great job. And I did! It is about the fun of doing the project — not the perfection of something. It’s not a painting that is in any way supposed to represent a portrait. It’s just a fun, stylized painting of a woman in an evening gown.

And I had FUN creating it!

What do you have on your art journal today? Don’t allow a creative block stop you from creating! Find an inspiration picture or project or inspiring artist like Cinnamon Cooney on YT and even if you copy the reference picture verbatim, it will jump start your own creativity. Just remember to credit the original artist: this painting was inspired by The Art Sherpa.

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