Painting With A Brayer

Morgan Le Faye

I am studying the Goddesses. Each week, I pick a Goddess card from my oracle deck, read what the book says about that particular Goddess, and then contemplate how I can incorporate Her attributes into my Self — or at least those I am interested in integrating. I had been jotting down notes about the Goddesses in my journal, but today I decided to start making myself a set of my own Goddess Cards…

One side of the card will be decorated with a background and a picture of the Goddess a long with her name. The other side will be space for me to write what compels *me* about that Goddess: What is it that this Goddess is saying to *me*? What is the lesson here? What attributes does this Goddess have that I need to work on within my Self? I don’t want to simply keep arbitrary facts about the Goddess — I want to write those things which are relevant to me and which speak to me at that moment.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  1. Cut watercolor paper to size (whatever size you want your cards; mine are 4.5 x 6)
  2. Drop fluid acrylic on one side of the card randomly.
  3. Take your brayer and roll through the paint, spreading it over the entire card. Keep rolling until you get the desired look. Add additional paint droplets and brayer again if you are so called.
  4. Here’s a second picture after the card has been brayered fully.
  5. While allowing paint to dry, color in the picture of the Goddess that was printed from the Internet using permanent markers. Cut her out closely (fussy cut).
  6. Using matte gel medium, adhere the cut out to the card. Put the medium over the entire card and once the figure is adhered put a layer on top. Allow to dry (or dry with a heat gun).
  7. Using medium to heavy bodied black acrylic paint, paint a small border on the reverse side of the card. When dry, flip the card over and “outline” the edges of that side with a thin line of black paint.
  8. Using a paint marker, write the Goddess’ name beside her picture.
  9. Make sure the paint marker is dry then lay a thin coat of glazing medium over the entire surface of the card on the side with the cut out that has been adhered.

Once I give the glazing medium 24 hours to ensure it is fully dry, I will sit the card under my trusty encyclopedia so that it will flatten out fully. On the reverse side, I will write those things about the Goddess that call to me to know about her and which resonates with my Authentic Self. Eventually, I will have a deck of Goddess cards that speak directly to me through my personal experiences and needs along my path.


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