Pencil Drawing

My First Dollie

I stumbled upon Ady Almanza and her beautiful doll drawings a little over a year ago. I fell in love immediately and wanted to sign up for her class, but I was already signed up for Color of Woman 2013 and I did not want to over-extend myself and end up not doing the drawing and giving the time and attention to this skill that is needed. But now I am finished Color of Woman and I just signed up for her Doll Dreams Basic class so that I can get the hang of drawing the beautiful dolls with the big eyes and long lashes. While I was waiting to sign up, I started playing around with drawing dolls simply by going to Ady’s FB group for Doll Dreams and using one of her beautiful drawings as my guide. Here’s the first one I ever drew, before signing up for the class:

My First Dollie
My First Dollie

Yesterday I finally signed up for the Doll Dreams Basic class and I love the way Ady has her class broken down. Bite size videos with each detail — eyes, nose, lips… — information on shading and lashes, great detailed information on eyes… Her videos are straight and to the point, which I absolutely ADORE in “how-to” videos. I don’t like all the chatty chatty about things that don’t really pertain to the matter at hand. I’d rather you get straight to the task and show me what to do, then for you to chat at me for 5 minutes about the weather before showing me the technique. Here are some photos of practice drawings that I did as I was guided by the teaching videos:

Facial Feature Practice
Facial Feature Practice

If you are interested in learning how to draw beautiful whimsical doll faces and complete dolls — yes! she shows you how to draw the entire doll with body and hands too — I encourage you to look into Ady’s Doll Dreams Basic class. She has a bunch of classes available, but start with the Basic class so that you will have an easier time at her more advance workshops.


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