11.02.13: Sketches, Scribbles and Stuff

A short while ago, I posted an entry on the blog entitled “A Kick in the Pants.” It was an article about me slacking on my personal art — the art that is not for a class I’m taking or teaching. The art that is for me and my own personal self-care, edification and healing. In that post, I pledged to join Janey G. in her quest for the same. She is the host of the Sketches, Scribbles and Stuff challenge and by clicking here or on the badge located in the sidebar, you will be taken to Janey’s blog and her post for this first week of SSS.

Since Janey wants us to share our work in our sketchbooks and journals whether it is a completed page or not, I thought I would take a few moments and share how I sometimes build the backgrounds for my pages. I don’t like wasting supplies — they are far too expensive! So when I am working on a project and I have paint left over, I just grab one of my journals and smear the extra paint or other supplies — texture medium, glitter, gesso…whatever — on a blank page. If I’ve started a page where I am putting in extra supplies, I will keep adding to that page until it feels as if I don’t need to add more “unintentional” design. Here’s an example of a page (top) where I’ve added layer after layer of left over paints and where I have moved on (bottom) because I feel the first page has enough:

No wasting supplies!
No wasting supplies!

By doing so, I don’t waste supplies and I get a head start on background designs. From here, I will collage on images or other goodies and add texture and interest, including text. Soon, I will have a completed journal page and it will take me half the time it would take if I started from a blank white page.

Do yourself a favor and save time and money. Start adding left over supplies to your blank journal pages and save money while getting a head start on your next page.



  1. oh my goodness….i never thought of that! that’s a simple idea that’s one of those….cant see the wood for the trees…moments! fabulous! so thrilled you linked up xxxx

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