11.01.13: NaNoJouMo – Day 1

November kicks off National Novel Writing Month, most widely known as “NaNoWriMo.” But, what some don’t realize is that it is a month where visual journalists all over the world also challenge themselves to complete an art journal page each day for the month of November.  It is NaNoWriMo with art!

As both an author and an artist, I could choose to do one or the other. But, as is my tradition I am challenging myself to both! In doing so, I hope to get the main meat of my book written as well as ensure that I perform extreme self-care through the writing process by creating art every day. The art that I create each day for NaNoJouMo is for me — 100%. It is not for a class I’m taking or teaching. It is for my healing, enrichment, and empowerment. This is the best form of self-care that I can give to myself.

That said, here is my Day One project for NaNoJouMo. To read what I’m writing for NaNoWriMo, visit my blog at A Painted Bridge Between the Worlds. Oh! And I am attempting my NaNoJouMo to be a vlog. That way, you will not only be able to see my pages, but also my process. Hopefully it will be inspiration for you to get you creating and journaling or to supercharge your journal time!

NaNoJouMo Day 1: Let It Be
NaNoJouMo Day 1: Let It Be

And here is the video. Unfortunately, the video stopped about 30 minutes into the project. Once it stops, I layered on Silks Acrylics Glaze in 3 different colors and covered that with Picket Fence Distress Stain. Then I topped it all off with Turquoise Perfect Pearl Mist, saturating the page and letting the colors run and bleed together. (If the video does not appear, please refresh your browser window.)


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