10.27.13: A Kick in the Pants

I have been down on myself lately for lots of reasons. Life is life and it’s getting to me…

One of the things I’ve been down on myself for is nearly every time I pull out a journal or canvas or pick up a pencil and sketchbook it is for something “outside” of me. It is for work — I am a Visionary Artist and art gallery owner and I do a lot of work for this. It is for a class I am taking — I take lots of art classes, most notably the Color of Woman Teacher Training & Certification, which just ended after 7 intensive months. Or, it is for a class I’m teaching — I teach many workshops and classes from the art gallery to help others learn the healing power of art. What I’m realizing is that there is barely any art being done for ME.

This blog here was my first blog dealing with mixed media. When I discovered the wonderful world of mixed media I fell head over heels and plunged right in. This is my very first mixed media blog and I used to post to this blog constantly. Then it fell by the wayside as other things materialized and as I made the decision to take what I learned about intentional creativity and healing through art and spread that knowledge to as many as I can reach. Art became work and it hasn’t found it’s balance yet. But that stops today…

After a pretty huge argument this morning with my husband, I realized that I am always working for the benefit of someone else while waiting for someone else (usually him) to work for my benefit. Although I value myself enough, I was sitting back waiting on someone to value me as much as I value them. Been waiting far too long without much success, and I realize that now. After the argument, I went to check my e-mail and found that a lovely artist by the name of Janey G. had become a member of my Google+ Community for the Art Journal Love Studio — another site that was given much better attention in the beginning. I thumbed through her blog and came across this article: I Want to be Inspired! It was a wake-up call and a kick in the pants for me!

Her words hit home and I realized that it was time for me to stop waiting for something or someone outside of myself to do for me as I do for the world. God(dess) made me this way — generous to a fault, kind, loving, will give my right arm for someone in need without question. And because I’m made this way, my foolish mind thinks the world operates from the same wavelength. That’s just not so… So before even stumbling upon Janey and her post on my Google+ site, I had made the decision to stop waiting and start doing for me. Janey’s post was just the confirmation from the Universe that I needed to let me know that in doing so I am not being selfish; that I need to take care of me just as much as I take care of everyone else — especially since nobody’s around to take care of me for me. Mom and Dad are gone. I shouldn’t expect anyone to even help take care of me. So today, I gain a new outlook on life and march solidly forward toward abundant joy for Self and I will march by myself since that looks like the way it’s gonna be…

I am joining in Janey’s challenge and will post with her and share with her and the others the artwork I do for SELF. In order to fully engage and participate, I have to do the work in order to join the posting. I will be be doing the work for little ol’ me and no one or nothing else for a change. This is my art therapy — art therapy for ME! And I am fully committed to this challenge and to the self-care that will naturally occur by putting me first for a change.

How about you? Are you needing a change, a “something” for you? Come join Janey G. and participate in her challenge. It will do your soul good!


  1. oh wow that’s so fabulous! i am so thrilled it gave you a green light! I think its so true, if you give you do end up wondering who gives into you and its so easy to lose yourself. I am so happy you are giving to you now, cant wait to see the creative time that comes out of it xxxxxxx

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