Upcoming Changes!

Fall has arrived! Change is in the air…

With that, there will be some changes to my blog coming soon. I am excited about what has been going on in my art life!! There has been lots of change, growth, and evolving. With that comes changes here. How best can I serve the community at large by blogging? How can I get folks to understand the utter importance of journaling of any kind, and the AMAZING power of art journaling? How best can I get you all to get arting and journaling? Well, I think I have a plan…

Starting on Thanksgiving Day, I am running a workshop over on my website – Art Journal Love Studio. It is my 40 Days of Gratitude workshop where we will be creating beautiful works of art for 40 days, and each piece of artwork will include a statement of gratitude. These gratitude statements, along with the art you will create, are from within you. I am merely a guide, encouraging you to practice daily gratitude and showing you tips and techniques through videos of me creating my gratitude journal.

That workshop ends on December 31, 2012. Once it is finished, I will be kicking off 2013 with a year long FREE art journal workshop hosted right here on the Art Journal Love blog. How it will work:

  • At the start of each week, I will post an art journaling prompt along with photos of my interpretation of the prompt.
  • Everyone who is arting along with me will create their artwork based on that week’s prompt and their interpretation of it.
  • There will be a place here for you to link a picture of your artwork so that we can all run over to your blog/Flickr/Facebook page/whatever and oogle over the beauty of it. (This should be read as “link your pictures here and drive traffic to your site” — hey, it is what it is and I ain’t mad so you shouldn’t be either…)
  • At the end of every quarter, the names of everyone who posted links to their artwork will be placed in a hat and one winner will be drawn. The prize? A $50 gift certificate to purchase art supplies from Art Journal Lair.

This is my way to get you journaling regularly and reaping the benefits of doing so. Some weeks, you may get more than a journal prompt, post, and pictures. I may also include process videos on how to do a particular technique or how to work with a specific medium. You will get way more than simple journal prompts and pictures, that’s for sure! But no matter what, it’s free to participate and you will learn a lot along the way.

Look for the new change to the blog starting January 1, 2013. Meanwhile, enjoy my quirky posts about anything and everything. Those posts will continue into the new year as well. There’s no real blog unless it is “real” — contain everything from real life, good and bad, as well as the information that one wants to share with the world. Personable. Human. Real. That’s what blogging is about. It’s not just about selling something (yourself or your product) — it’s about making connections and building relationships and helping one another. That’s what I strive to do at the Art Journal Love Studio and that’s what I strive to do online. We kick it up a notch or two in 2013…

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