One Huge Mahoosive Giveaway, from Effy Wild!


Effy Wild is having one Huge Mahoosive Giveaway at her artist community — Wild Soul Arts!

Effy is a wonderful artist, instructor and friend. Yes, I consider her a friend even though we’ve never met. She is open, honest, down to earth, and most importantly loving and kind. Effy gives you far more for your education dollar than some instructional videos. She shares herself with you. She shares her heart, her passion…

And she ain’t afraid to pull you up and tell you to stop putting yourself down and comparing yourself to others for the WRONG reasons! She is a wonderful motivator and spreads light, love, and laughter wherever she is. Her classes are outta this world — filled with an enormous amount of information on art journaling, mixed media techniques, and self-care.

But enough about Effy… Her new artist community, Wild Soul Arts, is a great place to hang out and share freely. It is a safe and sacred haven for likeminded folks to get together, chat, share tips/tricks/techniques, and just commune in the stress free environment of art. She’s launched the community so that we all can get to hang out with her, have one place to go for her workshops and classes, and as a place to call “home” for our creative talents. You are encouraged to share your art and your heart at Wild Soul Arts and Effy can bring you out of the deepest depths of negativity with her smile and her energy. You will be glad that you joined Wild Soul Arts and wonder how you survived an artistic life without that community of loving artists.

Now, let me tell you a little bit about that MAHOOSIVE giveaway…
You see, Effy’s celebrating the launch of Wild Soul Arts. And part of the celebration is her Huge Mahoosive Giveaway. There are 6 possible prizes:

  1. A seat in Life Book 2013, plus other goodies.
  2. Creative Journal Magic Kit, Handbound Journal, Handmade Cuff Bracelet.
  3. A gift pack of supplies and goodies from Art Journal Lair, plus other goodies from Sarah Barber.
  4. A seat in Planet You, plus a handbound journal.
  5. A seat in BOD Boot Camp, a composition journal, and ephermera from Effy’s personal stash.
  6. A seat in Basic Faces, plus some goodies that Effy is getting from Artist Cellar to giveaway.

But this list doesn’t do justice to the details at all. You will need to go to Effy’s page to get the full scope of details. There is much more to learn about the giveaway, and it all can be found by clicking the link to get you there!

So, hop on over to Wild Soul Arts, join the community and sign up for some workshops. In Book of Days Premium alone you will get quadruple your money’s worth. And I’m saying that because for a very small fee I became a member of BOD-P, and then I got BOD Boot Camp, Soulistry, and Elements — THREE ADDITIONAL workshops — all for the ONE fee for BOD-P. I spent one amount and got four times the value! Can’t beat that — especially in this economy…

What? You haven’t gone and joined Wild Soul Arts yet??? Wassa madder wit u?! LOL!!! Go on over there and take a gander, join (I know you will), and then come back here and post what you think about Effy’s new community. Everyone who comments here will be entered into a drawing from me. I will giveaway a $25 Art Journal Lair gift certificate to one lucky winner, picked at random from the comments posted here.

Skeedaddle and I’ll see you in a bit when you come back to post about Effy’s community and enter to win the gift certificate from Art Journal Lair.


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