ATC Affirmation & Gratitude Pocket Album Workshop

I am hosting a FREE 12-week workshop on our paper crafting community site — The Village. This workshop is designed to get you in the habit of giving thanks to your Higher Power daily as well as practicing daily affirmations.

Using your negative self-talk, you are able to create many wonderful affirmations for yourself that will uplift and empower you. This is called reframing. You reframe a negative thought into something positive and powerful. This is a practice that you should be doing daily.

Gratitude. We don’t give enough of it. The negative self-talk in our minds has us focused on what we’re lacking rather than what we have. We have abundant blessings. We just don’t see them clearly because our minds are always badgering us with negativity. By practice daily gratitude we are more able to see the blessings that we truly do have in our lives.

This week kicks off the first week of the ATC Affirmation & Gratitude Pocket Album Workshop. By the end of the workshop, you will have created a mini pocket album filled with gratitude and affirmations — in abundance. The workshop is hosted at The Village in the ATC Affirmation & Gratitude Pocket Album Group. This is where you will find the PDF for each week as well as each week’s video. Here is a link to the Week One video. Subsequent week’s videos and information can be found on in the Group’s discussion page. Enjoy and I would love to hear your feedback!



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