Life Book 2013 is Coming!!!!

Have you seen the line up of teachers for Life Book 2013?! Have you seen the tentative syllabus?! Oh Em Gee this is gonna be spectacular and you don’t want to miss out!!!!

Life Book 2013 is a year-long workshop run by Tamara (Tam) Laporte of the Willowing Arts site. Tam is a wonderful, generous, loving mixed media instructor along with a lot of other hats she wears. She runs Life Book as a means not only to help people better understand mixed media, but it is also a healing workshop to help you better understand what’s most important — YOU!

There are 16 teachers this coming year teaching Life Book. That means you get 16 different, amazing perspectives on the genre of art known as mixed media. I am HUGELY excited that Effy Wild will be instructing again this year! Effy is the person who brought me out of a creative funk I was in that had me not creating anything at all. For her to be able to get me creating again DAILY after what I went through a year ago is a huge feat. I am indebted to Effy for her love and caring, and for showing me the beauty, freedom, and healing power of art again.  Life Book is a well spring of learning and information. And it is FUN!

Registration opens on October 8th. Tentative price for the Basic class is $99 US. There are other packages available, and Tam will be offering a payment plan. Even without the payment plan — $99 for AN ENTIRE YEAR of mixed media lessons?! Can’t beat that!!

Just click on “Life Book 2013” in the first sentence of this post to be taken to Tam’s page that lists information about Life Book, a list of the teachers and their bios, and the tentative schedule of events. And then, get your money ready for when registration opens on the 8th! Hope to see you there!!!


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