WooooHoooo! Every artist’s dream is to get chosen as the artist to do a work for someone. Or, simply having your art purchased. Well today, I got both!!!​

OBM Enterprises & Studio in conjunction with BUSS-Radio commissioned me to do the artwork for their upcoming Pause 4 Poetry: For the Grown & Sexy Spoken Word Lovers​ event on September 30, 2012. They needed to do a postcard/flyer that they could use both in print and as a JPEG for online posting:

Their request was simple: They wanted a background and/or text like nothing you can purchase from Vistaprint. OBM and BUSS-Radio wanted their postcard to be unique. Memorable. So they commissioned an artist… ME!

They wanted to incorporate their corporate colors — purple and black — and keep the tone of the postcard away from the “flashy” side of things.  It is a “sit down, listen, and enjoy” event rather than a “par-tay!”​ Here is the outcome of our collaboration:

Pause 4 Poetry Flyer – September 2012

And here it is before I computerized the painting so I could add the text (far too much text to hand-letter!):

Pause for Poetry Background

The icing on the cake came when, after the owner was head-over-heels in love with my design, he not only commissioned me to create 5 art journals to give as gifts, but also told me to send him my consulting contract so that he could put me on his payroll. He was looking for unique marketing materials — something “everybody” wasn’t doing — and he found them in my art. He reveled in the fact his marketing materials will be hand-drawn and painted going forward. Not many (if any) companies are taking this approach to their marketing needs…

My next project for him, after making the art journals, will be to design new business cards for his company. He doesn’t want a design that you find on Vistaprint or any print shop. His words — “I know the cheaper route is to go to Vistaprint and plug and play, but I would rather go where others aren’t willing to go for unique marketing materials.”

I say — Bring It On! So glad to be the artist that you want for your projects. I will happily oblige! Abundant blessings!!


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