BOD: September Intentions

New month. New intentions…

September 9th was my 12th wedding anniversary. I waited until this date to create my September Intentions page and start my month. I wanted to start on this date because the spread that was inside bursting to get out was full of positivity and happiness. I wanted to make certain that the memories of my 12th wedding anniversary shared this same energy.

September Intentions
September Intentions

I have finally decided how I will keep my book of days. Each Sunday, I will do a full 2-page spread like the one above. Then on the 2 pages that follow the full spread, I will section into 6 even sections to do daily journaling. That way, I will journal daily without the daunting task of having to do a full page each day, and I will have done a full layout each week as well. Here is my first daily entry:

September 10th Entry
September 10th Entry

That gives me enough space if I want to draw and/or doodle as well as space for written journaling. It doesn’t have me facing a full blank page each and every day — something that keeps the best of us from journaling daily, and it can be done quick and easily at the end of my day before bed. This will help ensure that I journal each day because I can take 30 minutes before bed to journal about that day. It will help me memory keep and draw better, as one of my challenges to myself is to draw a portrait face or whimsy each day. So far so good — I’ve drawn a full portrait with Sunday’s 2-page spread and today’s entry includes a whimsy.

Tomorrow, it’s back to work after being off for 5 days straight. Oy vey! What will tomorrow bring? Sunshine and roses and happiness I am certain!


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