Thoreau Knows!

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.”​        -Henry David Thoreau

As you know, I’m working through the Book of Days Premium Programme. The Programme itself offers a significant amount of bang for your buck. However, Effy has decided to add in so many perks that it’s unbeliveable:

  • BOD Boot Camp
  • Elements​
  • Soulistry​

Those 3 workshops are in addition​ to the BOD workshop itself! Can you say LOTS and LOTS of videos, techniques, and sharing????? I love Effy…she gives so much of herself and her talents to her workshop attendees…

I’m off today after working 20 hours yesterday (yes, literally I worked 20 hours straight). I am also off Friday and Monday, so that leaves me with FIVE consecutive, uninterrupted days to work in my art journal! Today I chose to do my first Soulistry session as a member of BOD-P.​

Soulistry — Artistry of the Soul is a book written by June Mack Maffin. From the Amazon website description: “The book offers readers an opportunity to engage more deeply in the spiritual journey, re-connect with the intangible soul essence of life and experience rich spiritual growth.” This is the book that Effy is using as her guide, while she is guiding us through it. ​

Today was my first session. working on this tenet of BOD-P. What a blast I had! Here is the finished page in my journal:​

Soulistry #18 with Effy

Part of the process was to write down your dreams and tuck them away to review in a year. Because there was a portion that I was going to have to hold on to and know where it is 365 days from today, I decided to do a pocket. The bottom portion of the page is actually a pocket and I have written out my dreams on decorated cards and inserted them. Now, when it’s time to do a review of them next year I will know where they are!​

The inspirational quote that was part of the session: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” Mr. Henry David Thoreau gets it. He understands that if you live in fear — of failing, of not being “good enough,” of never trying anything new… — you are preventing yourself from living the life of your dreams. Mr. Thoreau tells us to go forth confidently in order ​ that we are able to live our life our way. If you don’t have the confidence, then you will always defeat yourself. Take heed to this quote — Thoreau knows!

I, too, want you to go boldly forth living your life your way and reaching your dreams. Journaling can help get you there faster by de-stressing, relaxing, and refocusing you. Go forth boldly but take your journal along with you so you’ll always have a true companion and friend by your side. Your journal is someone you can celebrate the good times with and tell the bad time stories to. It is your best friend. So while you’re strutting your stuff and ​reaching your dreams, make sure the friend that’s always been there for you stays by your side!


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