First Page in My New Journal

Remember the the cover I posted about the other day? For the new journal I started? Well, today I completed the first page…

I was dying to dig into this journal. It’s 9 x 12, which is the largest journal I’ve started to date. I love the large size pages — I will be more inclined to do single page layouts whereas I normally do 2-page spreads so I have more real estate to play on. I watched a video created by Cheryl Irwin on how to create this portrait. It was a wonderful process…

Goddess Portrait
Goddess Portrait

This was done on canvas — I had some Claudine Helmuth Sticky Back Canvas that I cut to size and adhered to the page. I then watched Cheryl’s video and created my portrait. It came out pretty nice for a novice drawer! Of course — this is my opinion…

With the paint that I had left over on my palette, I created this background in one of my other art journals:

Goddess Colors Background
Goddess Colors Background

Rather then dump the excess paint, I opened a journal up to a blank page spread and played in the left over paint. This is what came of that…

It was very relaxing to take time out today to create. I really enjoyed my time in the studio and am excited about what the day produced. I hope that you all are still working in your journals daily.

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