Time to Swoon!

This is the cover to a new journal I am starting. I really had fun with this project:

New Journal Cover
New Journal Cover

I am in love with how this turned out! The center piece is a piece of craft metal that has been dry embossed and then embellished with alcohol inks. I painted the cover gold, painted purple over that and created swirls while still wet, and stenciled butterflies and a flower. The stencils have glitter added to them for some sparkle. Finally, I stenciled swirls over the entire cover in a lighter shade of purpose.

I cut a hole in the cover the same size as the metal insert and then taped the insert into the hole from the back. To hide the tape, I took a piece of decorative scrapbook paper, cut it down to size and glued it to the inside cover. Now that too has a pretty finished look.

This was an amazingly fun project. It turned out really pretty and I am thoroughly satisfied. It’s so pretty that it’s my Swoon for this week! I cannot wait to start working on the pages!


    1. Oh rose! I might be inclined to say “enjoyment” is an understatement!!! This was pure love creating and it makes me smile each time I look at it. Thank you so much for your kind words!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Felicia! YES! That is an absolute awesome feeling that you get!! I am still basking in its sunshine…

      I will do a quick post for you tonight on embossing the metal. Otherwise this Comment box would be overloaded with text LOL! Look for it later tonight!!

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