21 Day Challenge, Day 18: Polymer

Learned something new today!

I watch a lot of art journaling videos — A LOT! They give me inspiration, teach me methods I didn’t know, and show me tips/tricks/shortcuts to make my art amazing. As I mentioned before, I am currently working through Book of Days. In some of Effy’s videos, she uses “polymer” and refers to it as such. Well…I’ve been on a hunt for this elusive polymer since the first time I saw Effy use it. None of my LSS’s (local supply stores) carried it!

Yesterday, however, I was at AC Moore — again looking for polymer among other things. I saw “fluid matte medium” on the shelf — both Golden and Liquitex brands. I picked it up and looked at the bottle a little more closely and found that it says: “Vehicle: Acrylic Polymer Emulsion” and thought to myself — “Is this the infamous polymer I’ve been seeking for days???” So, I went with my gut and purchased an 8 ounce bottle — didn’t want to go too large in case I purchased the wrong thing:

Liquitex Matte Medium (Fluid Medium)
Liquitex Matte Medium (Fluid Medium)

Effy uses polymer for all sorts of things; but the one thing I saw her use it for that I really really liked was when she used it to activate watercolor crayons (rather than using water to activate the watercolor effect). Why did I like that so much? Because as she explains in her video, using the polymer to activate the colors also gives the added benefit of making the watercolors permanent! Because the polymer is acrylic and therefore non-reactive to water once dry, using it to activate the watercolor crayons then makes the watercolors non-reactive to water once dry! That means that I can now use other waterbased mediums on top of my watercolors without re-activating the watercolors!! I can layer on top of them without losing color intensity or making mud!!! I am so excited!

That is my tip for today!

Do you have any nifty tips to share that will make art journaling easier or more enjoyable? Let us hear your tips in the Comments section below!

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