21 Day Challenge, Day 16: More Layers

After covering my BOD journal, I had left over tissue paper that had been embellished with alcohol inks. As I was in a mood to keep creating, I decided to work on my BOD Day 2 page. I like doing two-page spreads in my journals as it gives me a lot of space to express myself as well as to experiment and try to find my voice. So I ripped the tissue paper into various sized pieces and adhered it into my journal using gel medium. Using my heat tool to thoroughly dry the gel medium, I then thinned some yellow acrylic paint and painted it onto the page. While the paint was still wet, I dropped various colored alcohol inks onto the page and allowed it to wick through the water. Then I topped it off with some alcohol blending solution to help the wicking process. Adding a few drops of unbleached titanium acrylic paint with a brayer and drying, I then covered each page with portrait pink acrylic ink and wiped with a paper towel. After that layer dried, I drizzled some Taken With Teal ink from a Stampin’ Up! re-inker and allowed it to run down the page.

BOD Day 2
BOD Day 2

I began my journaling by writing my thoughts on some decorative scrapbook paper I have in my stash. I used a green Sharpie marker to write with. I then cut the journaling into strips and began adhering them to the page. As you see in the picture, I haven’t finished gluing my complete journalled thoughts in yet.

There are things in my life that sometimes take me on a roller coaster ride — one day I am happy as a lark and the next day I am down in the dumps and one crying mess. I unfortunately experienced a ride on this unhappy roller coaster on the last day of our vacation. My loving husband did all in his power to bring me out of my depression and make things better, but sometimes it just gets the best of me. The dripping ink represents the tears I cried. The brightly colored pages with the spots of bright colors that I then toned down by covering it in portrait pink represent the week of wonderfully bright fun that in the end was slightly dimmed by sadness. However, the bright days certainly shine through the clouds and continue to warm my heart with wonderful memories.

This page spread has a layer of tissue paper, then a layer of acrylic paint, then a layer of alcohol inks, followed by a layer of blending solution, a layer of unbleached titanium, and finally a layer of portrait pink acrylic ink. All this is topped off with a layer of drizzled ink, making for a page spread with seven different layers. How many layers have you built up on your last page before rendering the finished product?

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