21 Day Challenge, Day 15: Getting It Covered

We are in our last week of our 21 Day Challenge! I hope everyone has been working along, creating and journaling and creating a new habit of journaling daily. I certainly have been inspired to keep the habit up and will be continuing the practice for eternity.

Today, I spent my time initially covering my newest journal. It is one of the old books I scored while in Lewistown, New York. I took fuschia tissue paper and created a paper doll, adhering it to the book’s cover. Then I drew in hair and legs/feet/hands with a Sakura Jelly Roll pen. Next, I took various different color alcohol inks, alcohol blending solution, and a blending tool and decorated my doll’s dress by randomly stamping the inks over the dress, arms, and legs. I took yellow tissue paper and randomly stamped it with a butterfly, art decor heart, and snowflakes in various different colors. Then I adhered this tissue paper over the entire cover of the book with gel medium. Using a heat gun to dry it thoroughly to prevent tearing, I then ripped the excess off the edges for a neat ripped look. Lastly, I took white tissue paper and stamped it with various alcohol inks and blending solution, adhered two strips to the front and wrote my book title “My 2012 Transformation” and also adhered random pieces over the front and back. On the spine of the book, I adhered some of the leftover white tissue that had been embellished with alcohol inks. Here’s how it turned out:

BOD Journal Cover
BOD Journal Cover

Effy has evidently brought out the little girl in me — this the second paper doll I’ve made in my journal in as many days LOL… I like how the cover turned out and the original green color of the cover adds some umph to the yellow tissue paper.

This is also my Swoon for this week! Swoon is where Effy sets up a thread on her blog for everyone to post their shiny — the art they created this week that they feel really good about. This is my first time participating in Swoon and I have been dying to get home from vacation so I could create this cover which I dreamt up while on vacation. Now I’m also sharing it for Effy’s Swoon for this week!

Have you got your journal covered? This is the second journal cover I’ve shared on my blog. How many books have you gotten covered?

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