Book of Days (BOD): Day 1

I am working through Effy Wild‘s Book of Days. It is a great, year long program where Effy shares so much of her art and herself with others in order to help us all have the courage to create without inhibition and with disregard to all the “noise” inside our own heads saying we can’t do it. You know what? Yes we CAN do it! And through daily art journaling this makes it easier and more apparent to us. I encourage you to check out Effy’s great program if you are seeking motivation for your art journaling practice. Not only will you get motivated by Effy and her anecdotes and process videos, you will be loved, honored, and respected. She has so much to give and she gives it freely to anyone who is ready to receive it. Her Premium Program is closed, but it is hoped that she’ll be able to open it up for new registrations on September 1. For now, you can do the BOD Basic Program, which is FREE. Did you hear me? I said FREE, so what are you waiting on?

Anywho, back to my Day 1 spread…

I stumbled upon BOD well into this year. I believe it wasn’t until the end of July when I found it. I immediately signed up so that I could get Effy’s e-mails and more easily follow along. Today is the first day that I was able to really sit down and play. I have watched many of Effy’s videos from the beginning of the year — I plan on creating my BOD from Day 1 of the Program, even though I am severely behind — but I haven’t been inspired to pick up and just do it. After my recent amazing birthday getaway and equally awesome family vacation (which I am still enjoying), I realized that this is the absolute best time to dive into this year long project. It’s the best time because I can start off on a “good foot” — sharing positive stuff as my first pages — and I have so much to journal about that I can easily have many of the year’s pages done just by immortalizing the memories of this year’s vacation. So here’s my BOD Day 1:

Book of Days: Day 1
Book of Days, Day 1: Transform — Allowing My Inner Child Her Freedom


  1. Acrylic Paint in blue and white for the background
  2. Book Pages that I ripped from this book when I was preparing it for my journal. It makes up the paper doll and journaling spot.
  3. Thinned white and black acrylic paint to use as “ink” for writing.
  4. Dip pen used to write the words.
  5. Alphabet Stamps and Memento Black ink pad.
  6. Caran d’Ache Watercolor Crayons used to color the doll.

Today was also the first time ever using a dip pen and I think I’m in love! I need lots of practice, but I’m still loving the tool. I bought a set from Blick’s Art Materials that came with several different tips as well as a Crow Quill (I think that’s what it’s called) pen. I used two different tips today, but I’m sure I will be using them all at some point along the journey.

I may add a little more “this and that” to the page spread, more specifically the butterfly page, but I am pretty happy with it the way it is. I don’t feel like it’s not complete, or not good, or missing something or any of the other negative self talk I usually hear in my head. I believe this is because I have finally let go and let my Inner Child loose to be happy and free…


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