21 Day Challenge, Day 13: Sacred Journals

When I was in Niagara Falls, New York I scored a beautiful, handmade journal that has a leather cover. The cover wraps around the pages and then there’s a strap that you wrap around that to close the book and secure it shut. It is a lovely journal and I believe I have finally decided what I want to make it into…

I practice daily affirmations — a habit that I encourage everyone on the planet to take up and keep in their lives permanently. In addition to my love for art journaling, I love making ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). Since my newly acquired journal is a smaller size — about 7 x 6 or so, almost square but slightly rectangular — I have decided to turn this journal into an Affirmation Journal.

What I am going to do is create ATCs that contain an affirmation for the day. In the journal, I will create a background that matches/complements the ATC. Then I am going to adhere the ATC onto the page, but go a step further and make sure it is incorporated as part of the page through mixed media techniques so that my journal doesn’t end up being scrapbook-like. This will actually replace my current daily affirmation practice. Prior to my deciding to create this Affirmation Journal, I would write my daily affirmations on an index card and then carry the set of cards with me so I could read them when the feeling hit me. Now I’ll have a book to carry — less chance of damage to the affirmation cards!

Do you practice daily affirmations? If so, do you create and use affirmation cards? What do you think about the idea of creating an art journal strictly for your daily affirmation practice? Let us hear from you!


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