21 Day Challenge, Day 11: Scrapbook-Like Pages

I know this is late, but my birthday was August 13th and my hubby took me to Canada to see the Falls and have an amazing day and dinner at the Skylon in Canada overlooking the Falls. We left there, came back to Maryland to pick up our kids and head to Pennsylvania to spend 5 days here with the kids at the Crayola Factory, Dorney Park, Da Vinci Science Center, and a host of other attractions and fun for the kids. So I do apologize, but it’s hard trying to put family first and have fun vacationing while keeping your blog updated daily! Please forgive the delay…

Anywho, I received a fab postcard while in Niagara Falls, New York that had various different shots of the Falls. I cut the postcard up and then adhered it to a page spread in my journal. I used both pictures and words from the postcard and I left enough space to journal around the page, detailing my fabulous birthday getaway. The page reminds me a lot of my scrapbook craze days where you glued down a picture and some frilly embellishments and left a spot to journal something. Brought back memories…

I know my last post asked if you put photographs in your art journals. So, let’s add to that — when/if you put pictures and other memorabilia like the postcard I put in my journal, does your page(s) end up being “scrapbook-like” or do you use collage techniques and other art journal tools to make your page(s) more along the lines of art journal/mixed media? Are you opposed to art journals that are “scrapbooky”? I know there are some who feel the two should remain separate. How do you handle this? Do you create art journals AND scrapbooks separately; or do you combine the two art forms and keep everything together in one book?

Please share your thoughts in the Comments section below. Here’s a picture of my scrapbook-like page before I journalled on it:

Niagara Falls 2012
Niagara Falls 2012

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