21 Day Challenge, Day 10: Pictures and Your Art Journal

Do you put any photographs of yourself or your loved ones in our art journal?

Lots of people use an art journal similarly to a scrapbook — they put pictures on their pages as a way to preserve and showcase them. I have gotten lots of great shots here in Niagara Falls for my birthday weekend. I will be doing a travel journal just to document my visit to Niagara Falls and my birthday celebration and I am sure I will be using one of the books I purchased while here.

There are just so many things you can do with photos including gluing them into your journal intact. I will be trying some transfers on some of the pages 1) so I can get better at doing them, they are my nemesis…, and 2) because they add such a great touch to your pages.

Here are some of the breathtaking pictures I have been blessed to get that I will be putting into the travel journal I create for this trip:

Penguins at Niagara Falls Aquarium
Penguins at Niagara Falls Aquarium
Seals at Niagara Falls Aquarium
American Falls
American Falls
Canadian Restaurant
Canadian Restaurant






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