21 Day Challenge, Day 8: Art Journal Books

Sorry this is late — I’m away on vacation for my birthday in Niagara Falls and I crashed last night before I posted…

Lewiston, NY Journal Score
Art Journal score in Lewistown, NY.

I scored the books on the left and right at a vintage bookstore. I felt kind of bad talking with the store’s proprietor knowing that I was going to upcycle these books into art journals. We were speaking about the works of literature themselves, and he also invited me to the museum to view some items he had curated. He is a  wonderful and kind gentleman and a great lover of books.

The book in the middle is handmade. I grabbed this one up at the Art Festival we stumbled upon in Lewistown on our way to breakfast yesterday morning. They had blocked off several blocks and setup tables and tents of artwork for sale, with the artists there to tell you about the work. It was a wonderful experience and I was able to score the book and a nice handmade wrap to go with one of my sundresses. Khalid (my husband) snuck back out there while I was eating lunch and picked up some other things that I think I will get as birthday gifts tomorrow. Can’t wait to see what he picked out for me!

I haven’t decided what themes, if any, these wonderful items will become. I am sure that one of them will be a travel journal, since I scored it while I was travelling. I just haven’t decided which one yet.

With these 3 books, I now have a whopping 8 art journals! None completely finished LOL… I loved books before I fell into art journaling so I’m a natural at collecting them!

What kind of books do you use for your art journals? Do you purchase blank sketch/mixed media/watercolor books? Do you make your own? Do you shop vintage or other bookstores for books that can be altered? What’s your favorite book to use for your art journals? Share with us in the Comments section.


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