21 Day Challenge, Day 7: Pocket Pages

You’ve done it! You have made it through one week of journaling every day!! Wasn’t that easy?

If you used the prompts I have been offering, then your journey should have been easy thus far. Each day I talked about a different tool or supply that I use in my journal. Armed with that information, you were able to then create a page as complex or simple as your mind and time allowed. When I spoke of dip pens the other day, you could have created a page in your journal with different lines and effects you get with different pen nibs. That would have been your page for that day. The day I spoke on acrylic paints I encouraged you to make an ink spot page-spread so you have a visual representation of all of the colors you have and/or can create with the acrylic paints you have on hand. That could have been your page for that day.

Journaling daily doesn’t have to be difficult! Doing a page each and every day no matter how simple or complex is what is important.

Today I offer a suggestion which will help you celebrate your victory — making it 1/3 of the way through the 21 Day Challenge. My suggestion today is that you create a page in your journal with a pocket. To match the page and as the pocket insert, create an Affirmation Card which states a positive statement about your art journal progress and insert it in the pocket. Once you have created the page and the Affirmation Card, remember to revisit the page and state your affirmation regularly. Daily Affirmations are a positive habit that everyone needs to establish in their lives. However, that’s a challenge for a different day…

What is your affirmation for today and completing 1/3 of the Challenge? Post it in the Comments section below if you care to share. Don’t forget to link your page with the Mister Linky widget below.


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