21 Day Challenge, Day 5: Acrylic Paint

I am sure we all use acrylic paints in our journals. It is one of the very basic tools of the trade and can be obtained rather inexpensively. The quality of acrylics you use will certainly affect the outcome of the page; however, that doesn’t mean that your page will look “cheap.”

I use craft quality acrylic paints as well as student and professional quality paints. I find that the craft quality that you can purchase from the local craft store dries to a very matte, chalky finish. It isn’t ugly or cheap looking, it’s just the finish that this quality of paint yields. It can be effective in your journal depending on the outcome you are seeking. It can also be highly effective for your wallet. No one says you have to by the best, professional quality supplies for your journal. Buy what you can afford and make the same miracles happen on your pages.

My favorite has actually been Blick’s Studio Acrylics. I love their creamy, buttery consistency, their opacity and page coverage, and their body — not runny at all and not too thick/stiff. I have noticed in my YouTube viewing that a lot of the journalists use the tubs of Liquitex Basics and get amazing results. So what did I do? I ran out and purchased 8 tubs of Liquitex basics to give them a whirl. I needed some additional colors anyway so instead of getting my favs I decided to try what I always see the other artists use. And they were actually less expensive then the Blick Studio Acrylic line I had been purchasing. Not by much — 50 cent I believe — but 50 cent times 8 jars is a $4.00 savings which adds up quickly over time…

I am trying to learn that I don’t need to purchase every color of the rainbow to have the colors I need and want. I have been experimenting with mixing colors to get the color I am looking for. What is more fun than playing in paint??? I have about 10 of the Blick Studio Acrylic colors and I have just added 8 jars of Liquitex Basics. Now I have 17 different colors — yes 17 because I have white in both brands…I use a lot of white — and by mixing colors together I can have many many many more than those 17.

What are your favorite color blends? Share with us some of the colors you mix together to render a third color in the Comments section. I encourage you to make an “ink spot” page-spread in your art journal with your acrylic paints. That’s where you mix different colors together to make a new color, put a spot of the new color in your journal, and write next to it what colors you mixed together to make the new color. By creating such a page, you will have a reference for all of the colors you have on hand and all of the colors you can create with them. This will in turn prevent you from running out and purchasing more paint colors when you can actually save money by mixing your own.

Have fun playing in paint today and don’t forget to link you page with the Mister Linky widget below!


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