21 Day Challenge, Day 4: Dip Pens

Do you use a dip pen in your journal?

I have watched many many YouTube videos on art journaling. They give me inspiration and also freely teach techniques that I may not have previously known about. Many of the videos I watch, the artist uses a dip pen to either journal with or to make specific lines or other drawings. They use them with ink, acrylic ink, and regular ol’ acrylic paint. It is fascinating and gives you great control and a great outcome.

Soooooooooooooo… I went out and purchased a dip pen set. This one is by Speedball. It came with 6 or 10 different nibs, the pen holder, and a crow quill tip and holder. I understand you need a lot of practice to be any good with the crow quill — it offers a very very very fine line and without practice you will see skips and other problems in your lines. I will leave the crow quill for when I have had practice with the other tips.

For today’s page, I will be using my new dip pen set. I will use it for journaling and also to add outline and definition to any of the drawings that I may do on the page. It will be fun and interesting to see what I end up with on my first attempt at using the dip pen. If you have a dip pen, I encourage you to use it in your art journaling today. Help others see the benefits and uses of the dip pen — I can only show them the very basics since this will be my very first use of it. If you have more experience using them, create something magnificent today that showcases how you can incorporate dip pens into your art journal life. We all would love to know the full range of use of this great tool.

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