21 Day Challenge, Day 1: Hidden Journaling

There are many techniques a lot of art journalists use to hide their written words from view. The simplest of them all being to journal first and then cover the words completely with the art. This technique is often used when the words being hidden are angry or painful memories that the journalist wants to get down on paper without risking anyone ever being able to read them.

Other techniques include tip-in pages that cover written journaling, obscuring the words without completely covering them, hidden pockets, and writing in code.

Remember sending secret messages in grade school by creating your own code system? Each letter of the alphabet was given a value — a number or shape or an alphabet value that was not it’s own letter. Then you were able to write about whatever you wanted to and if the teacher or another student were to get a hold of the note they would never know what it said.

On Day 1, I suggest that you do some hidden journaling. Create a page or page-spread that contains some written text that you don’t want anyone to see. Then disguise or hide the text in any manner mentioned above, or in anyway you choose. This is a suggestion and not a requirement for the Challenge. I am hoping to give you some inspiration just in case you’re sitting at a blank page and not sure which direction to go with your page today.

You get an extra day to complete this exercise — my mind said I re-started the Challenge on Sunday and when I reviewed my post, I saw it was to re-started on Saturday. Since the Day 1 post has just posted, you have until the end of today, Sunday, August 5th, to do your Day 1 page and post it if you don’t already have the page completed. However, remember that you will also have to create and post your Day 2’s page today as well. Don’t forget to click the Mister Linky widget below to add your page for everyone to see!

Happy journaling!


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