21 Day Challenge, Day 2: Oil Pastels

I recently added a new tool to my arsenal of journaling supplies — oil pastels. I used them for the first time yesterday when I was doing some journaling with friends and they are amazing! It was almost an instant love affair.

The set I purchased is the set of 24 from Portfolio. I didn’t know that they were water soluble when I purchased them; however, when they arrived the box indicated they were. This is an added benefit since I was unaware…

My test drive of these oil pastels was to simply scratch different colors all over the page and then use my fingers to blend the color on the page and the different colors together. This softened the look of the coloring and blended things nicely. I was in love! What an easy technique to use to add magnificent color to a page!! I haven’t yet activated them with water to see those effects. I think I may try that on today’s page as well as the dry blending technique described above.

Do you have oil pastels as one of the tools in your artist kit? If so, in what ways do you use them in your journaling life? If you have them, try to use some on today’s page so that others who don’t have them can see the rich colors that you can add to your page so simply. Remember — these are only suggestions to give you inspiration and not required for your page. The only requirement is that you do something, anything, in your journal each and every day.

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