So I issued a 21 Day Challenge to everyone. Then I spent hours setting up all the Day’s posts and scheduling them to auto-post. Then I went on vacation. When I returned from out of town, I came to the blog to peruse the work that had been submitted and to update you all with photos of my pages only to find out WordPress had a glitch! I came back to find all these red “missed schedule” notifications and only 2 of the Day’s posts actually posted. UGH!!!

And I don’t issue challenges lightly…

Soooooooooooooo, we are going to have a “Do Over” to combat the technological problems and ensure that there is a post each day for the 21 days of the Challenge.

New Dates
Start: Saturday, August 4, 2012
End: Friday, August 24, 2012

There WILL be daily pages because this time I will not rely on technology. I will manually post each day’s page on the day it should go up. Soooooooooo, if you considered joining in the original Challenge but didn’t have enough notice or are afraid to commit to taking the steps to institute such an important daily practice in your life, then reconsider and join us! It’s only Wednesday. That gives you until Saturday to just think about and plan your pages out. Plan them out in advance so you can be sure to be able to get to do them each and every day for 21 days. Again, there is no requirement of complexity. The only requirement is that you journal every day for 21 consecutive days. Simply writing down your thoughts on a day and doodling on that same page and not doing any ” complex art” to the page qualifies for doing something in your journal. It is that easy!

I do apologize for not noticing the problem earlier. But hey…not only do others who initially shied away have an opportunity to join in, but you have had an opportunity initially to think about what you’ll do every day for the next 21 days AND a few more days for some additional planning.

As my Thank You for not only joining the Challenge but also bearing with the technical glitch, I am upping the ante on the prize! I will now give away a $35 Dick Blick gift card to one randomly drawn person who completes all 21 days! Don’t miss out on your chance to win!

See ya on Saturday…


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