21 Day Challenge: Day 2


That is today’s word prompt. We are forming a beautiful journaling habit during this 21 day challenge. In order to be one with Self, to know your Self, to love your Self properly, you must spend time with Self…

Art journaling is a time when you get to spend it alone, with Self. It is a creative form of expression that merges written journaling with beautiful artful pages. An art journal, also referred to as a visual journal and many other names, is a private and sacred space where you can express the True You. Don’t want anyone to read your words? Paint a pretty picture over them once they are down on the page and out of your heart and mind. Want to write poetry with beautiful imagery depicting the poetry? Get it done in your art journal.

The possibilities are endless. Your art journal is whatever YOU want it to be. It is for you and about you. It is a tangible extension of Self. A place where you are free to be uninhibited by the trappings of society.

Many times when my husband and I are at odds I pull my journal out and write feverishly about what he’s done to tick me off this time. Mean, nasty, angry words that I would never want to say to him but words that I need to get out of me just the same in order that I can move past the moment. I just scrawl and scribble and vent until it’s all out and I’m all better. Then I cover it with gesso and pull out my acrylics, watercolors, markers, and other art journal fodder and make the pages all pretty again… A very healing technique that can be used over and over again to release negative energy whether that energy is right there in that moment, or if it’s something in the past that you’ve been holding on to and need to release so that Self can heal.

Your journal is also a place where you can write down your fears and aspirations and keep them sacred. Using folds, pockets, hidden compartments, and other art journaling techniques you can keep these words hidden to the world, but available to you to go back and re-read for years to come. There are just so many ways that you can make a uniquely You art journal and keep everything you want in it — openly, honestly, and bluntly — without fear of anyone ever seeing the words you’ve written.

Art journals are sacred spaces. We all need sacred spaces in our lives. They are the places where we can go to be with Self without the distractions of the outside world. As such, we can ensure that no one ever violates our sacred space by simply making art and obscuring our thoughts from other’s view. Here’s something for you to try in your journal today — Pockets. Create a pocket, or several if you’re so inclined, where you can store a hidden message. A message to Self that is uplifting and empowering. An affirmation. Instead of an affirmation, you could write down a healthy dose of gratitude to the Creator for whatever He’s blessed you with and insert it in the pocket.

Be sure as you are establishing this new habit that it is a habit worth having. It should be positive and uplifting. It should be empowering. A journaling habit should be time spent in self care and self improvement. It is for you and about you. Make it one of the best tools in your arsenal of self love.

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