21 Day Challenge: Day 1


That’s today’s word prompt as we kick off our 21 Day Challenge! Determined. I am determined to complete this challenge and institute a wonderful new healing habit in my life. I am determined to bond with my art journal over these next three weeks and become one with her, telling her all of my secrets, my fears, my desires…

It’s Day 1 of the 21 Day Challenge. Who’s with me? Who will take on this challenge to do something — anything — in their art journal EVERY day for the next 21 consecutive days? It doesn’t have to be complex and time consuming. Just last night while I was on my 3 hour teleconference, I realized that I was doodling on the notepad I had out to take notes from the teleconference and it struck me: why am I doodling on this notepad when I could be creating amazing art by doodling mindlessly in my art journal???? So I got up and grabbed my journal. Well before the end of the class, I had doodled and journalled up a whole page in my journal! There are doodles and there is written text. I even managed to draw a picture of a person and practice drawing eyes. Simple. And it was accomplished while I was doing another one of the tasks that I had on my To Do List for the day…

One day soon, maybe for today’s kick off, I will go back and splash some color on the page and finish it off with whatever comes to mind. It won’t take any time at all to splash some color, add some stamping in maybe, and maybe a collage bit or two. Something else I can do while tending to another task on my list — say cooking dinner, since I art in the dining room most of the time.

This is what I want you to do also. Do bits of a page at a time. Don’t make this challenge unreachable. The goal here is to do something in your journal each and every day. No one said you had to complete an entire page or page spread. I just want you to get into the habit of getting your journal out everyday and adding some love to it — even if you only have 5 minutes to share there.

What will you do in your journal today? Does the word prompt inspire you to get something done? I hope it does!

If you are participating in the challenge and want a chance to win the $25 art supply gift card from Dick Blick’s, please be sure to link your information using the Mister Linky widget below! We want to see your page and this is also my way of knowing that you are participating for a chance to win the prize. Good luck!


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