21 Days…

They say it takes 21 consecutive days to break a bad habit or to create a new habit. Twenty-one days straight… If you miss a day, you have to start over because the premise is that it must be 21 consecutive days. That said —


I am challenging all of you out in the cyber community to create a new art journaling habit! That means for 21 days straight you need to create in your art/visual journal. If you miss a day, you must start over from day 1.

What you do in your journal is up to you. You can start a new journal just for this challenge if you’d like — that’s what I will be doing. Your day’s work can be something elaborate and involved, or it could be you simply doing some written journaling and then doodling the page up. Complex or simple — it’s up to you. The key here is to do something in your journal every day for 21 days straight.

To help keep everyone accountable, I will create a daily post labeled “21 Day Challenge: Day 1” incrementing each day and including a widget that will enable you to link your day’s work to the post here. That way we’ll all be able to share our artwork and keep each other on target to doing 21 consecutive days of art journaling and forming the magnificent new habit of journaling daily.

To give everyone time to get prepared for this challenge, I will kick off the challenge this Friday, July 27, 2012. That gives you today and tomorrow to gather your supplies and also have 2 days to start jotting down creative ideas of what you will be creating during your 21 day art journaling stint.

At the end of the challenge, I will put all of the names of the people who successfully journaled for 21 days straight into a hat and draw one name for a $25 gift card to Dick Blick Art Supplies! (Click on “Dick Blick” to be taken to their website so you can see the amazing art supplies they carry.)

Anyone can enter the challenge — no matter your skill level. Even if you’ve never art journaled before but would love to dive in, I invite you to join the challenge!

The challenge will begin July 27, 2012, and run through August 16, 2012. That’s 21 consecutive days, counting July 27th as “Day 1,” and ending up with “Day 21” being August 16th.

(Do you realize that means I’ll have to journal not only on my birthday — August 13th — but while I’m away with my husband for a 4 day weekend to celebrate my birthday, coming home to leave right back out for a 6 day family vacation getaway?!?! If I can commit to this, I know you can!!!)


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