A lot of art journalist use collage in their work. Some parts of the collage are obscured, using the collage pieces as part of the background, and sometimes the collage pieces create the actual page.

My latest two page spread is a collage. This is my most favorite page spread to date! It came out beautifully and it speaks volumes to me and about me. It is a personal struggle of mine due to all of the stereotypes and media hype; however, after creating this page spread and journaling about my experiences, I think I am better able to deal with the incorrect and improper attitudes and assumptions.

For this page, I did the following things:

  1. Gesso’d first.
  2. Painted a background with Terra Cotta craft grade acrylic paint and Unbleached Titanium studio grade acrylic paint.
  3. Stenciled an image onto the background using craft grade acrylic paint and a Tim Holtz mask.
  4. Collaged, journalled, and flung glitter!

A picture of the completed page is below. To watch the video of the creation of this page spread, visit my YouTube Channel — Art Journal Love.

Being Me
Being Me

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